Hadeeth Course

Sunnah; is the body of literature which discusses and prescribes the traditional customs and practices of the Islamic community, both social and legal.
According to classical Islamic theories, and it is made up of the customs and practices of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), documented by Hadith.
It is the second legislative source in Islam, So it has great importance in our Islamic religion.
Hence every Muslim have to learn the rules of the Sunnah, in order to live a decent life.
Ijaazah offers this course that includes:

  • Learn the rules of hadith.
  • A detailed explanation of the Hadith in addition to understanding the meanings of the Sunnah.
  • Extracting judgments from the Sunnah.
  • (Create your own educational program according to your time and qualifications in partnership with specialized teachers).

(After completing the course, Ijaazah grants its students a certificate)


Price: Starting from 35$

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