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Welcome to Ijaazah - Quraan Academy

Ijaazah is an Online Quraan Academy that provides services of Online Quran learning for kids and Adults through the internet with a tremendous experience of Online Quran teaching having a lot of satisfied students all over the World including USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Denmark, Ireland and other countries who have gained Holy Quran education online from our Quran Tutors.


The best way by which a Muslim can know about Allah – the Highest – and know His leading names and attributes is to read the Book of God – the Highest – so not a page of it is devoid of mentioning His Names or mentioning one of His attributes, for the Holy Qur’an introduces the servant to his Lord, and what He is called God Almighty described Himself. The people of knowledge have written many books of the names and attributes of God Almighty, relying on the Book of God – the Highest – first, then on the Prophetic Sunnah, and that the Muslim obtains a great benefit if he learns the names of God – the Highest – and his attributes from the Holy Qur’an, where he senses the impact of this in his behavior, sayings and actions.


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