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prophet Yousuf

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Do you know prophet Yousuf?

Prophet Yousuf (Joseph in English) is a prophet and messenger of Allah in Islamic tradition. He is mentioned in the Quran, the holy book of Islam, and his story is considered one of the most detailed and captivating narratives in the Quran.
Prophet Yousuf was the son of Prophet Ya’qub (Jacob). He was one of the twelve sons of Prophet Ya’qub and was known for his beauty and wisdom.

His brothers, out of jealousy, plotted against him and threw him into a well. He was then taken as a slave and sold to a wealthy Egyptian merchant.
Prophet Yousuf eventually became the chief minister to the Egyptian king and helped save the country from a severe famine.

He was reunited with his family after many years and forgave his brothers for their mistreatment of him.

The story of Prophet Yousuf is often cited as an example of patience, forgiveness, and the wisdom of Allah in guiding the affairs of the world. It is also used as a source of inspiration and guidance for Muslims, particularly in times of hardship and adversity.

▫️Have you heard about his story with his siblings?

▫️ How did Yousuf, peace be upon him, face the temptations around him?

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