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Arabic Calligraphy Online Course

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Arabic calligraphy course web

💫Do you want to teach your son the Arabic calligraphy used in writing the Noble Qur’an?

💫Do you dream that your son learns how to hold a pen and write with it?

💫Are you struggling with your son improving Arabic calligraphy and writing in beautiful handwriting?

✨Ijaazah.com offers you the first online calligraphy course

All you will need are :

pencil, Mobile Phone, and white paper!

Course duration :

16 days.

Arabic Calligraphy Class time : 

45 minutes

Group : 

7-10 students

Course fee:

30$ / Month.

✍️ Arabic Calligraphy Course Outline :

  • Definition of calligraphy in Arabic and its types.
  • How to hold a pen the right way.
  • Al-Mizan (scale-balance) of Arabic letters (point).
  • The shapes of all letters should be on the line, what goes below the line, and so on.
  • The length of each letter and its scale.
  • How to write letters together, two or three letters.
  • How to write words and sentences until perfection.

Introducing the trainer :

Ms. Hala El-kadi

  • Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University.
  • Diploma in Arabic calligraphy for four years.
  • Has an Ijazah in Imam Asim’s narration of (Hafs and his Shu’bah)
  • Has an Ijazah at Noorani Qaida, Tuhfat ul-Atfal.
  • Holds the international certificate in preparing non-Arabic speaking teachers within Al-Azhar University.
  • Five years of experience working in online teaching.

🏃‍♂️Hurry up to book. Places are limited!

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    Duration 45 minutes / Class - 16 days


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