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What Muslim Children can not Be Ignorant of

Muslim Children | What Muslim Children can not Be Ignorant of | IJAAZAH

Welcome to Ijaazah Academy, where we empower young minds with the knowledge and understanding that Muslim children cannot afford to ignore. Our Intermediate Level course, designed for ages 10-15, covers essential aspects of Islamic beliefs, practices, and moralities. 


Enroll your child today to nurture their understanding of Islam in a structured and engaging manner.


Course Outline:


1. Belief in Allah


  • Meaning and Essence

  • Reason behind Creation

  • Conditions of Worship

  • Types of Shirk (Associating Partners with Allah)


2. Belief in Angels


  • Meaning and Significance

  • Inclusive Components

  • Benefits of Believing in Angels

  • General Information about Specific Angels


3. Belief in Divine Books


  • Essence and Importance

  • Heavenly Books

  • Distinctive Characteristics of the Qur’an

  • Our Stance Regarding Previously Revealed Books


4. Belief in the Messengers


  • Inclusive Elements

  • Characteristics of Messengers

  • Signs and Miracles

  • Focus on Jesus (AS) and Muhammad (PBUH)


5. Belief in the Day of Judgment


  • Meaning and Emphasis in the Qur’an

  • Components and Benefits


6. Belief in the Divine Decree


  • Meaning and Inclusion

  • Free Will and Choice


Cases and Benefits


7. Tahrah (Purity)


  • Meaning and Importance

  • Najasah (Impurity)

  • Islamic Etiquette in the Toilet

  • Ritual Impurity

  • Types of Water

  • Minor & Major Ritual Impurity and Wudu

  • Wiping Over the Socks


8. Salah (Prayer)


  • Meaning and Virtues

  • Positions of Salah

  • Obligations and Conditions

  • How to Pray

  • Pillars, Obligatory and Sunnah Acts

  • Voluntary Prayers

  • Time and Congregational Prayer

  • Khushoo (Concentration)

  • Prayer of the Sick


9. Fasting


  • Meaning and Virtues

  • Ramadan and Its Nights

  • Taqwaa (Piety)

  • Muslim Festivals


10. Zakat (Charity)

– Types of Wealth Upon Which Zakat is Due

– Recipients of Zakat


11. Hajj

– Meaning and Importance

– Virtues of Umrah

– Eid and Madina


Islamic Etiquettes and Moralities:

12. Parents’ Rights

13. Muslims’ Moral Character


Enroll Now for a Journey of Spiritual Growth!



Second Level: What Muslim Children Can’t Be Ignorant Of! – 5-9 years


Building upon Level 1, this course delves deeper into fundamental concepts suited for ages 5-9, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of Islamic values and teachings.


Level 1 Recap:

I am a Muslim

Greeting in Islam

Allah’s Attributes

The Five Pillars of Islam

Why Do We Fast?

Islamic Months


Duaa & Dhikr

Thank You, Allah


Everyday Duaa

Keeping Clean

Story of Prophet Adam



Everyday Duaa 2


Story of Prophet Noah

The Masjid

The Athaan (Call to Prayer)

Using the Right Hand/Foot

Everyday Duaa 3

Kindness to Parents

Respect for Teachers


Salah 2

Salah Positions

Love for the Qur’an

Story of Prophet Ibrahim


Everyday Duaa 4

Story of Prophet Yunus

Iman & Articles of Faith

Prophet Muhammad

Truth and Honesty

Allah’s Preferences

Prophet Muhammad’s Love for Children


Enroll your child today and let them embark on a journey of Islamic knowledge and moral development at Ijaazah Academy!


Join Us in Shaping Future Muslim Leaders! Enroll Now!

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