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Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero

Course Duration:

50 hours for beginners
30 hours for advanced students

Study Plan:

- private. Or
- groups (3-5 students)

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Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero is an engaging and interactive Arabic reading program designed to make learning enjoyable for children. This course offers two levels: beginner and advanced.
Beginner Level:
  • Duration: 50 hours
  • Learn Arabic alphabet and pronunciation
  • Practice writing letters accurately
  • Build vocabulary and reading skills
  • Develop comprehension and fluency
Advanced Level:
  • Duration: 30 hours.
  • Designed for students who have mastered all Arabic letters.
  • Expand vocabulary and reading comprehension.
  • Enhance fluency, speed, and critical thinking skills.
  • Explore various genres of Arabic texts.

This course incorporates fun activities, interactive games, and two characters, Eyad and Renad, who guide students through the learning journey. The curriculum is expert-developed, ensuring a structured approach to Arabic reading.

Enroll your child in تيسير القراءة and witness their progress as they become confident and proficient in Arabic reading.

Free trial assessments are available to determine the appropriate starting point for each child.

Where no true desire to learn the Qur’an is left behind.

Course Levels

We offer two levels in the تيسير القراءة program

Beginner Level​

This level is designed for students who are starting from the beginning and have little to no prior knowledge of Arabic reading.

The duration of this level is 50 hours.

Within these 50 hours, students will be introduced to the Arabic alphabet, learn the basic rules of joining and connecting letters, practice writing each letter accurately, and develop recognition skills for different letter forms. They will also build their vocabulary, practice reading simple texts, and develop basic reading skills.

Advanced Level:

This level is suitable for students who have already mastered all the Arabic letters and have a solid foundation in reading. Students at this level will skip the beginner modules and start from the third level of the curriculum.

The duration of this level is 30 hours.

During these 30 hours, advanced students will focus on expanding their vocabulary, enhancing their reading comprehension skills, and improving their fluency and reading speed.

They will be exposed to more complex texts, explore different genres, and develop critical thinking skills through analyzing and interpreting texts.

Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced reader, تيسير القراءة offers tailored content to meet their specific needs. The course ensures that both levels provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, enabling students to progress and excel in their Arabic reading abilities.

Course Highlights

Module 1

Introduction to Arabic Alphabet (10 hours)


Building Vocabulary (10 Hours)

Module 3

Basic Reading Skills (10 hours)

Module 4

Intermediate Reading Skills (10 hours)


Advanced Reading Skills (10 hours)

Program Goals:

Develop Arabic Reading Skills

The primary goal of تيسير القراءة is to help children develop strong Arabic reading skills.
By mastering the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation, and word recognition, students will gain the ability to read Arabic texts accurately and fluently.

Foster Engagement and Enjoyment

The program aims to make the learning process enjoyable and engaging for children.
Through interactive activities, games, and the presence of characters like Eyad and Renad, students will have fun while learning, fostering a positive attitude towards Arabic reading.

Build Vocabulary

A key goal of the program is to expand students' vocabulary in Arabic. By introducing common words and gradually increasing the complexity of texts, students will enhance their language skills and develop a richer understanding of the Arabic language.

Enhance Comprehension Skills

تيسير القراءة focuses on improving students' reading comprehension abilities. Through exposure to various texts, students will practice understanding the context, making inferences, and analyzing information, ultimately becoming proficient readers who can comprehend and interpret Arabic texts effectively.

Cultivate Fluency and Speed

The program aims to develop students' reading fluency and speed. Through regular practice and guided reading exercises, students will increase their reading rate while maintaining accuracy, allowing them to read Arabic texts more effortlessly.

Nurture Critical Thinking Skills

Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero encourages the development of critical thinking skills. By engaging with different genres of Arabic texts, students will learn to analyze information, make connections, and think critically, fostering their cognitive abilities.

Provide Structured Learning

The program offers a structured learning experience with clear modules and levels. Students progress from foundational skills to more advanced reading abilities, ensuring a systematic and comprehensive approach to Arabic reading instruction.

By achieving these program goals, Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero aims to empower children with the necessary skills and confidence to become proficient Arabic readers, opening doors to a deeper understanding of the Arabic language and culture.

Course Prerequisites

“Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero”ais designed to accommodate children with varying levels of Arabic reading proficiency. However, there are no strict prerequisites for enrollment in the course. The program welcomes both beginners and advanced students, offering tailored content to meet their specific needs.

For Beginners:

✅ No prior knowledge of Arabic reading is required.

✅ Students should have a basic understanding of the Arabic language and be able to recognize Arabic letters.

For Advanced Students:

✅ Students should have already mastered all Arabic letters and possess a solid foundation in Arabic reading.

✅ They should be able to read simple texts with comprehension.

Regardless of the level, it is recommended that students have a genuine interest and motivation to learn Arabic reading. A positive attitude and willingness to actively participate in the course activities will contribute to a more effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Prior to enrolling in the course, it is highly recommended to book a free trial assessment. This assessment will help determine the appropriate starting point within the curriculum based on the student's current Arabic reading level. It will ensure that the student is placed in the most suitable module of “Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero”, allowing for a seamless learning journey.

Overall, Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero accommodates both beginners and advanced students, making it accessible to children with varying levels of Arabic reading proficiency.

Why is this course suitable for you?

By enrolling your child in this course, you can provide them with a suitable and effective learning experience that addresses their specific reading needs. They will benefit from the expertise of the curriculum developers, the structured approach to learning, engaging activities, and the overall child-friendly design of the course.


The curriculum for تيسير القراءة was created by experts from Ijaazah, ensuring that it effectively addresses the challenges children face in learning Arabic reading. With their expertise, the course is designed to provide a comprehensive and structured learning experience.

If your child is facing difficulties in reading Arabic, this course is specifically designed to address that problem. It focuses on building a strong foundation in Arabic reading skills, gradually progressing from the basics to advanced levels.

The course is designed to be completed within 50 hours, providing a clear time frame for your child’s progress. This ensures that your child can master Arabic reading efficiently and effectively within a reasonable time period.

To make the learning process more enjoyable and interactive, the course includes a variety of activities. These activities are designed to keep children engaged and motivated throughout the learning journey. The inclusion of two characters, Eyad and Renad, who provide instructions as if narrating a story, adds an element of fun and excitement to the course.

The course is specifically designed for children, taking into consideration their learning needs and preferences. It incorporates age-appropriate activities and materials to make the learning experience more relatable and enjoyable for young learners.

Course Price:

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Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero

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