| Rania Mahmoud Mousa Saleh | IJAAZAH

Rania Mahmoud Mousa Saleh


  • She has Bachelor’s degree in the Arabic language from Art college ‎‎, Cairo university.
  • She had two degrees ‎in education, a general and ‎special diploma in curriculums and teaching methods of the Arabic ‎language ‎‎, Cairo university. ‎
  • She had got Ijaazah in Quran reading in Hafs from Asim ‎recitation.‎
  • She had got a licence (Ijaazah) to teach some books in the field of Arabic sciences (grammar & writing) like Al-Kafi in Ajuromyah, ‎Ashanquety in Ajuromyah, writing, and spelling. ‎

Work Experience & Achievements:

  • She has taught in international and language schools in Egypt ‎for Arab students. 
  • She started to ‎teach Arabic as a second ‎language in 2017. ‎
  • She spent around (12000) hours teaching Arabic and Quran to non-Arab students online and ‎directly. 
  • She worked with many ‎students worldwide of 15 nationalities from the USA,‎‎England, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, India,‎ Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mali, Senegal, Canada, and ‎Norway.‎
  • She teaches classical Arabic (paschal), Egyptian and Levantine ‎dialects. ‎
  • She teaches tajweed rules, correction of Quran recitation, and ‎Islamic Studies. 
  • She teaches Noraniah, ‎Noor Albayan, and Fath ‎Arrahman for beginners. Additionally, some Tajwid books.‎
  • She uses some applications in teaching such as Quizelt and Kahoot ‎and many strategies.‎