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Eman Gamal Elsyed


  • She graduated from the faculty of Art English department in 2006.
  • She is certificated in Noorani Qaida & tuhfah Alatfal.
  • A graduate of Zad Academy for Sharia Sciences
  • Modaker diploma for interpretation and reflection of the holy Quran 
  • Passionate in using Educational games and diversity teaching strategies.

Work Experience:

  • She has been an offline teacher since 2007 and taught English, Quran, tajwid, Arabic, and Islamic science online & offline teacher since 2007.
  • She has been a teacher of English in a private Islamic school since 2007
  • She has been working for ijazaah institute since 2021.
  • Working as a daia' with a  Well-known advocacy such as Islam port, ask a Muslim, hatha huda, serenity of Islam