| Abeer Youssuf Kamal Eldeen | IJAAZAH

Abeer Youssuf Kamal Eldeen


  • She graduated from the science faculty at Cairo University, department of chemistry 1995.
  • She has a bachelor's degree in Islamic and language studies from Al-Aram institute in 2012. 
  • She has ijazah hafs un Asim 2016. 
  • She has Ijazah in tohfa and in Qaeda nouranya 2020.

Work Experience & Achievements:

  • She has experience in teaching as she worked for two years as a teacher.
  • She had five years of experience in teaching (Quran, tajwid, Arabic language, Islamic studies).
  • In tajwid, she teaches effortlessly from the beginning to the advanced level.
  • She uses nouranya and Nour El bayan methods in teaching Arabic, which is my mother tongue.