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Ijaazah's Summer Camp


Have you been searching for a place to send your kids for the summer with peace of mind?
Are you struggling to have your kids speak Arabic?
Are you trying to teach your kids responsibility and independence?
Are you only finding such educational institutions that only accept adults?

Well, your search is finally over!
Allah SWT has answered your duas

We’ve taken upon ourselves this responsibility of hosting this young generation at Ijaazah’s MUSLAMIC SUMMER CAMP in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, a bustling multicultural metropolis. Egypt, situated in the heart of the Middle East and Arab nations, offers an ideal environment for learning and practicing the Arabic language.

Arabic Language Learning

Our camp offers intensive coursework complemented by daily interactions with local students, enabling participants of all levels to enhance their Arabic proficiency within a short period. Students will receive instruction in Standard Arabic, as well as opportunities to learn the local dialect through immersive experiences.

Daily Quran memorization sessions are also included in the program.

Exciting Activities

In addition to language learning, students will engage in various physical activities at our center, including charity work, horse riding lessons, swimming, archery, soccer, and other enjoyable pursuits.

Exploration and Excursions

Participants can choose to attend one or two 4-week sessions, during which they will be under the supervision of experienced mentors. Weekly excursions are planned to visit Islamic landmarks such as Al Azhar Mosque and Salah Iddeen Castle, as well as other famous sites like Khan Ilkhalili, the Pyramids, and the Nile River, providing insights into the rich history of Egypt.

One excursion will take participants outside of Cairo to a famous beach or on a cruise.

Session Details

First session: Jun 21 - July 19
Second session: July 20 - Aug 17

Price: $1999 per Session

Join us for an enriching and unforgettable experience at MUSLAMIC SUMMER CAMP. Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey of language, culture, and exploration!

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upon acceptance, a deposit will be required to reserve a place, and more detailed entrance information will be provided. 🌟

Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero

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