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Islamic sciences for adults

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| Islamic sciences for adults | IJAAZAH

New Muslim guide

This exquisitely illustrated guide presents you with the first step and the foundation stage in learning about this great religion, which is undoubtedly the best blessing Allah has bestowed upon man. It provides you with guidelines in most aspects of life you encounter, responds to your urgent queries and gives you ample support to deal with people around you and successfully deal with the various situations in which you are most likely to find yourself. Presented in a straightforward style, this guide also provides you with documented information from the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. In addition to being a delightful, detailed book, it is a reference guide which you can consult whenever you encounter a situation or need to find out about the Islamic ruling on a given issue.

Muhammad, the messenger of Allah

By : AbdulRahman Al-Sheha

Language : English | Type : Books | Category : Prophet Muhammad

Inspiring billions of lives throughout centuries, Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul Mutalib (peace be upon him), was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular level. Over 13 centuries ago, he conveyed the message of Islam, inviting people to believe in one God, calling for justice, having exemplary manners, and teaching equality amongst all mankind. Within one century, that belief created the mightiest empires throughout history. Discover the influence and impact of this great man in this book.

| Islamic sciences for adults | IJAAZAH

40 Hadith of Al Nawawi

“Everyone desiring the Hereafter ought to know these ḥadīths for what they contain of important information and because they alert one to all acts of obedience [to Allah], which is clear to whoever reflects upon it.” Imam Alnawawi

Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero

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