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1-What are the letters of Izhar classified as?

2- Hiding the letter م at the ب is called Ikfaa ……. whereas hiding the ن at the 15 letters of Ikhfaa is called Ikhfaa ……

3-Idgham can occur in ….. or …… words:

4-Laam in (الله) :

5-How to read ر in the word (بالمرصاد):

6-kind of qalqala in word “الحج”

7-The word (ءالئن) in Surt Younes is ruled as Madd lazim Kalimee Mukhaffaf, what are the other Madd in this word when it is broken up ?

8-If a word starting with hamzatul wasl has a fatha on the third letter, the ruling for pronunciation the hamzatul wasl is :

9-The type of Madd in word (المؤمنون) in stopping is :

10-Which word shows an example of laam shamsiya ?

11-Al-Inheraf is sifah which is founded in ل and ..

12- …. Is not among the sifat of ج.

13- The relationship between (ت & ط) (أفتطمعون) Is:

14-which of the following has Idghaam mutamathlen sagher

15- what we should do for meem sakinah? ذَرَأَكُمْ فِي

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