| Marwa Ahmed | IJAAZAH

Marwa Ahmed


  • I graduated from the faculty of Alsun, English department in 201‪8.
  • I hold an Ijaza and a Sanad in the narration of Hafs from Asem.
  • I have a certificate in memorising AL jazaria & Tuhfat AL Atfal. 
  • I studied Hadith, Fiqh, seerah, Quran Science and more in Al Sunnah Institute in Egypt.

Work Experience & Achievements:

  • Quran, Islamic studies, and Arabic teacher. 
  • I have been teaching the Quran since 2016 to different ages and levels.
  • I had a certificate in teaching Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers and a diploma in Noor Al Bayan. And then, I helped some students to boost their Arabic.