| Esraa Moawad | IJAAZAH

Esraa Moawad

I have graduated from Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Languages and Translation, English department.

Work Experience & Achievements:
- During my academic study at Al-Azhar University:
- Studied the Quran, Arabic language, and various Islamic sciences, including Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer, Tajweed, and Aqidah.

- Teaching experience:

  • Three years of experience in both in-person and online teaching.
  • Skilled in presenting interactive classes using modern teaching methods and techniques to engage students effectively.

- Translation experience:

  • Three years of professional experience translating from English into Arabic.
  • Refined and mastered Arabic language skills through translation work.

- Volunteering:

  • Volunteered in teaching Quran memorization and Tajweed to numerous students.
  • Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to students' learning.