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Arabic Reading Course Al-Noorania Qaida and Noor Al-Bayan

Arabic Reading | Arabic Reading Course Al-Noorania Qaida and Noor Al-Bayan | IJAAZAH

Arabic Reading Course is essential for every Muslim! It will help the student to learn the basics of Arabic letters and phonetics,

which will help in Quran recitation.
After it, you will read the Quran easily from the Mushaf without Mistakes inchallah!

Noor al bayan is a used method to teach the basics of the Arabic language.
Simplify the Arabic and Learning process for children and beginners.

Benefits Of Noor Al-Bayan From Ijaazah Online Class

Learn Best Quran Reading Online, Noor al Bayan, Arabic Reading

In this online class you’ll be able to:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of reading the Arabic text in the Quran in a correct way.
  2. Attaining the beginner’s level skills of reading in a short time with an effective yet easy way of learning.
  3. Exercise what you learn gradually with exercises that instill ease and fluency in your Quran reading.
  4. Interact with a verified instructor during the course hours to monitor your reading and guide you to the right way of reading.

What is Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaida course is a great way to read the Quran properly without making pronunciation mistakes.

It will also help in teaching the Qur’an to men and women of all ages and spreading awareness and knowledge of the provisions of Tajweed,

as will as how to correctly pronounce the Arabic alphabet, and helps students learn how to learn the Quran. It begins with the Arabic alphabet Noorani Qaida, regarding how the letters are pronounced individually and as a whole, then some Noorani Qaida Tajweed rules.

Program vision:

Benefits Of Noor Al-Bayan From Ijaazah Online Class - Arabic Reading
Benefits Of Noor Al-Bayan From Ijaazah Online Class

The program vision for Noorani Qaida is to provide individuals, regardless of their age or background, with the opportunity to learn and master the basic rules of Quranic recitation. Our vision is to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to read the Quran fluently, accurately, and with proper pronunciation, enabling them to build a strong connection with Allah and His holy book.

Through our program, we aim to promote a love for the Quran and inspire students to study and understand its meanings, thereby deepening their faith and enriching their spiritual lives. Our vision is to create a learning environment that is accessible, engaging, and supportive, where students can learn at their own pace and receive personalized attention from qualified instructors.

We envision our program as a catalyst for positive change in individuals and communities, as the knowledge gained through Quranic recitation can have a profound impact on one’s personal and social well-being. Our ultimate vision is to contribute to the spread of peace, love, and unity, through the teachings of the Quran, and to inspire individuals to become ambassadors of Islam and its values in their everyday lives.

Why is it necessary to learn Noorani Qaida?

If a Muslim wants to accurately pronounce the Quran, he or she must master Noorani Qaida from the beginning. The Noorani Qaida contains all of the Arabic alphabets and is designed to assist non-native Muslims in perfecting their Arabic pronunciation before beginning to read the Quran. Anyone who is not an Arab must learn the Arabic alphabet in order to pronounce the Quranic words correctly.

Arabic Reading Course Duration

30 Hours

Program Goals:


Noorani Qaida is a book that teaches the basic rules of recitation of the Holy Quran. The program goals for Noorani Qaida would include the following:

  1. To familiarize students with the Arabic alphabet and the pronunciation of each letter.
  2. To teach the rules of joining letters together to form words.
  3. To help students develop correct pronunciation and proper articulation of letters and words.
  4. To introduce students to the basic rules of Tajweed (the proper way of reciting the Quran).
  5. To teach students how to read the Quran fluently and accurately.
  6. To help students memorize short Surahs (chapters) of the Quran.
  7. To instill in students the love and respect for the Holy Quran.
  8. To enable students to understand and appreciate the meaning of the Quranic verses they recite.
  9. To prepare students for further study of the Quran and Islamic studies.
  10. To encourage students to apply the principles of the Quran in their daily lives.

Overall, the program goals for Noorani Qaida are to help students develop a strong foundation in Quranic recitation, and to inspire them to deepen their understanding and practice of Islam.

Arabic Reading – Course Prerequisites

Noorani Qaida is a beginner’s level course for learning Quranic recitation, therefore, there are no specific course prerequisites. However, students are expected to have the following basic skills:

  1. Basic reading and writing skills: Students should be able to read and write in their native language, and have basic literacy skills.
  2. Motivation and dedication: Learning Quranic recitation requires dedication, practice, and perseverance. Therefore, students should have the motivation and dedication to learn and practice regularly.
  3. Interest in learning: Students should have a genuine interest in learning the Quranic recitation and have a desire to deepen their understanding of Islam.
  4. No prior knowledge of Arabic: No prior knowledge of the Arabic language is necessary, as the course will teach the basics of the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation, and joining letters together to form words.
  5. Access to course materials: Students should have access to the necessary course materials, such as the Noorani Qaida book, and audio recordings for practice.

In summary, Noorani Qaida is a beginner’s level course th


Starting from 20$


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