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Technology Integration: The use of technology tools and resources to enhance teaching and learning, such as multimedia presentations, online discussions, and interactive simulations.

Surprise 🎊🎉

What A Muslim Child Cannot Be Ignorant of!

برنامج ما لا يسع الطفل المسلم جهله

It's a new character building program for our children launched by ijaazah.com

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If you have children :

1️⃣ 5 – 8 years
2️⃣ 9-15 years

and want to invest in building their Islamic character 💡This program will put them on track Inshallah.

📚It is a simple and comprehensive course covering the topics of
-Fiqh .
-Sirah (the Prophet’s biography).
-Ethics and Morals.
-Tafsir (Simple explanation of the Qur’an).
– Hadith and Thikr.
And more…

▪️Program Duration: 3 months.
▪️ 2 sessions / week.
▪️ 60 min each group session.

The Learning Journey will be Fun & Easy 🎊 Because the program is designed specifically for children
Filled With a competitive environment and educational games. 🎉

join our journey today for further details 👇

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Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero

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