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Reham Ibrahim


  • She graduated from the faculty of Commerce, at Alexandria University.
  • She has a bachelor's degree in Al-Aalam al-sharia from Zad academy.
  • She studied Course al-Mizan al-lafzy by Shikha Amal Kamal.
  • She studied Course al-jazria from mkara al-Tahbeer.

Work Experience & Achievements:

  • She has Ijaazah Asem betrik al-shatbia.
  • She has Ijaazah Hafs an asim, and al-shaikh Ibrahim al-akhdar.
  • She has Ijaazah in Al-basrian.
  • She is Ijaazah in Ahl elsela.
  • She passed the examination of revision of the whole holy Quran from the Quran academy at the Prophet's mosque.
  • She taught students of different ages with various levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • She taught several students worldwide.
  • She has been a Quran and Tajweed teacher offline and online for more than seven years.
  • She has experience in the correction of Quran recitation.