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Manal Abdullah


  • She did a bachelor's in the Syrian Arab Republic for management and accounting studies.
  • She completed her study at the Institute of Quran and Islam light in Damascus (Syria) for five years.
  • She did her ijazah hafs and asem. And worked for ten years as a teacher of Tajweed and Quran studies. 
  • She travelled to Egypt after that to continue studying in one of Al-Azhar Institute in Cairo for four years and had the certificate (ijazah)of Al-Azhar for a well-known sheikh with high Sanad. 
  • She joined the group institute where she studied Arabic grammar, Tafsir, Hadith, Qaida, fiqh, and Islamic history. After graduation, 
  • She took a high degree from the same college in Quran and Arabic for different Islamic studies.

Work Experience:

  • She is an energetic and diligent teacher, and her teaching method is distinguished for her experience, distinct style, and unique interaction with her students.
  • She traveled to Nigeria to share her knowledge with everyone who needed to learn about the Quran and Islam. She began teaching Quran and Islamic studies in international schools for ten years. She was chosen in 2015 as the best teacher in Nigeria for her experience and comprehensive knowledge.