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Tajweed Beginner Quiz

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Question 1 / 15

1- There are…

2- Qalqalah is

3- The letters of qalqalah are…

4- When the letter (خ) follows a noon saakinah, which tajweed rule must be exercised?

5- Idgaam shafawi is…

6- The letters for idghaam bila ghunnah are…

7- How many rules over noon Sakinah and Tanween ?

8- The Rule in مِّن زَقُّومٍۢ is:

9- …… and Ikhfaa both have Ghunna.

10- What is the kind of Maad in the word: الصَّيْفِ ?

11- The rule in وَحُورٌ عِينٌ۬ is:

12- Idgham can be with or without Ghunna.

13- When the Rule of ALif and Lam is Al-Idgham The Lam is called :

14- The longest madd is…

15- The meaning of Iqlab is to :

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