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For 47th Annual ICNA-Mas Convention participants and Students

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Ijaazah is An online Quran academy for students and an educational institution that utilizes the internet to provide Quran education to students. Our academy typically offers classes and lessons on Quran reading, understanding, and interpretation. Our classes may be live or pre-recorded and may be taught by qualified Quran teachers. The academy may also provide resources such as Quran study materials and quizzes to support the learning process.

If you have problems reciting the Qur’an, our doctors will evaluate your condition and prescribe the appropriate medicine for reciting the Qur’an properly through the (Quran Recitation Diagnosis) service.
If you complain that you have not mastered the Tajweed rules, we will determine your proficiency by using “Tajweed Ultrasound for Students ” to evaluate your condition and correct your mistakes.
If you show symptoms of Arabic language weakness, take a language test to measure your level and get your “Arabic Language Components” report to start your way to master the Qur’an language.

Reading Arabic from Zero to Hero

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