Islamic history Course

Islamic history Course

History is the information gathered about the people, places, and events that have brought us to our present. So in this course, we start to tell children the stories of the prophets (saws), companions, and followers (RAs) who had an impact on the Islamic civilization, a well-run Caliphate, and the establishment of the states: the Umayyad dynasty, the Abbasids, the Ottoman Empire, and ending with Morocco and Andalusia.


History courses are divided into three levels:


Contains pictures and video clips, tells the prophet’s story, and includes activities suitable for children.


A student researches the life stories of 27 peers and companions who significantly impacted the establishment of Islamic civilization.


The student will learn a summary of Islamic history from the birth of the Prophet (Saw) and the reasons for the flourishing of Islamic civilization. He will be trained to narrate and analyze events.


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