NOTE: All of our instructors have the language of the Quran, the Arabic language, as their first language and they all can teach Tajweed subjects in adequate English and they all have English speaking students who have been studying and enjoying their sessions with them at

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Sheikh Hassan Adly
Male Instructor

From: Egypt
Experience: The sheikh graduated from the college of science majored in Bio chemistry, Cairo University in 2006.
While he was still a college student, he joined the Qir’at Institute of Al AZhar university, famous enough in Egypt and in the entire Muslim world to master the tajweed & Qur’an.
In 2012 the sheikh graduated from the Qir’at institute and acquired his Ijaazah in the 10 Qira’at from the way of Shatbyia, Durra and Taibah.
The sheikh is currently a student of College of The Holy Qura’an Qira’at and its science at Al Azhar university. There are only three colleges of The Holy Qur’an Qira’at and its science in the entire Muslim world and as a pre request the student has to graduate and acquire the ijaazah in the 10 Qira’at which make it very unique, Masha’Allah