NOTE: All of our instructors have the language of the Quran, the Arabic language, as their first language and they all can teach Tajweed subjects in adequate English and they all have English speaking students who have been studying and enjoying their sessions with them at

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Sheikh Ayat Mohammed
Female Instructor

From: Egypt
Certifications: Ijaazah in teaching The Holy Qur’an with the Qaeda Nooranyah from Mashary Institute (2008-1429).
Qualifications: Joined the Ma’had Alqira’at at Al-Azhar El-Shareef (The Qur’an Dialects institute at Alazhar) which is considered the most famous institute in the Muslim world for teaching the Qur’an Ten Recitations with all the rules of narration of Hafs from Asim.
Memorized the whole Qur’an at the age of 17 on the hands of Sheikh Gaber El-Sherbenee and learned the rules of recitation.
Sheikh Abd El-Fatah Madkoor passed the Ijazaah to Sheikha Ayat with the narration of Hafs from Asim and her ranking in the Sanad from the Prophet Peace be upon him is 30.
Experience: Worked for El-Haramen institute for three years, Dar Al-Kalil Ibrahem institute for Quran memorization for one year. Also taught Quran in Baraam Masr School for one year, Egyptian International School for one year, Teachers Institute Koran Al-karim for three years, Okasha Institute for one year, Al- Salam Institute for three years and Fadel Mosque (Ali Gomaa mosque) Mufti of Egypt.
She is also currently teaching at Al-Sheikh Al-Hosary School in Egypt.